Women Who Speak - Speak Up! Help conference organizers meet the 50/50 challenge

Close up of Microphone head, Andy Dudley, creative commons liscence

The 50/50 Speaker Challenge

Tired of going to conferences where women are less than 25% of the speakers on stage? Me too. Inspired by Sandi MacPherson of Quibb, who started a project like this for tech speakers in the San Francisco Bay Area, I (and a whole bunch of other cool people) thought it would be interesting to start one for our region. We need everyone’s help in creating a directory of Midwestern women (think: Fargo to Chicago, Duluth to Des Moines, and most lovingly, our hometown of MSP) who can speak on a wide range of topics.

Here’s how you can be a part of the 50 / 50 challenge :

  • Put your name on the speakers list here. (Please don’t sign someone else up – send them to this page with some encouragement so they can enter their own information and opt into the project themselves.)
  • Are you a conference planner? Here’s the published list. I update it every month or so with new registrants.
  • Questions? Concerns? Want to chat with me about this project? Shoot me an email with your questions.

Photo Credit: Close up of Microphone Head, by Andy Dudley. Used under Creative Commons license.