Author: Jen S.

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It’s the end of the year. Do you know where your PTO is?

This is your life, people. You only get one time around, so use your days wisely. Especially the days you’ve earned to be out of the office.

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Life is hard. It’s supposed to be.

As I have shared my observations with friends and colleagues about these last few months, their experiences mirror my own, and I hear the same words over and over and over… Life is hard. It’s just so much. Why is it SO HARD?

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I’m With Her

Each morning this week, I’ve spent my commute listening to the speeches and recap of the previous day’s Democratic National Convention. And I’ve cried. The big, ugly cry, every morning. The kind where you need to fix your makeup in your car before you go inside. I really didn’t expect to feel this way. I thought that seeing Hillary get so far in 2008 and succeed through the primaries this year, that the convention and the official nominating would just sort of be another step in the process. But it’s not. It’s a big freaking deal. And I get it now.

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On being new

I’m three weeks in at my new gig, and it’s been a crash course in being new. Again. There is discomfort in the feeling of being adrift and un-moored in a place where you barely know where the bathroom is, much less how to DO YOUR WORK. The discomfort is good for you; I think it’s what opens up your mind to taking in all the new details of the cultural norms of a workplace and positions you for the learning and growth that should come with a new job.