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You being you: Let it fly

As I approached my 40s, a number of brave men and women who had gone before me told me that this was the decade when you really get comfortable in your own skin, when you stop wasting effort on being something you aren’t. Whereas I once was willing to change or morph myself into something that I wasn’t to suit the situation or environment I was in, I now only want to be in situations in which I can fully, truly be myself.

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What We’re Reading

This week I’ve been completely absorbed in….absorbing. September saw several significant releases of great reading on women and work, so my writing output has plummeted as I curl up with a virtual stack of articles, reports, research and books. We all have restock the shelves from time to time, literally and figuratively, so this week’s post is a round up of what’s in my stack.

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We need a champion

These days, women in the early rise of their career can’t fall down without hitting a support network, website, book, blog or guru focused on helping them getting and staying on the right track to launch their careers. But as women begin to rise in their careers to senior leadership roles levels, the resources, networks, and general discussion begins to thin out a bit. We’ve set a path for ourselves personally and professionally and have figured out how to make it all work. But nearly every last one of us needs someone in our life to tell us we CAN do it and we SHOULD do it – to cheerlead and push. We need a champion, each of us.

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Interview with Kris Lien of North 40 Digital

Kris Lien leads North 40 Digital, a marketing consultancy working with businesses of all sizes to enhance their digital capabilities. With nearly 20 years working on brands like the Minnesota Twins,, and Capella University, Kris is also dad to 2 kids, a 9 year-old daughter and 4-year old son. He’s growing a business but still makes time for the good stuff with his family.