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What is your plan for me?

After writing last week’s post, it occurred to me that this idea of speaking up for yourself and expressing your plans for yourself applies to many more professional relationships than those with a sponsor or mentor. In the span of the week, I had three conversations with three different people...

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Sponsors Find You…But is That Always a Good Thing?

Last week the Brand Lab (@TheBrandLab) hosted an event about sponsorship and mentoring, under #TBLFearless. I was following along on Twitter (trying to balance time with the kids after a relentless few weeks of evening activities), and about fifteen minutes into the event, I saw this quote appear: “Sponsors find you.” This...

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Changing the Conversation

A few months ago, I sat at what was roughly my twenty-fifth women-in-something dinner, having a strong sense of deja vu; the conversation, the pink cocktails, and the jewelry/purse/shoe boutique running in the background was becoming routine. And frankly, a little insulting. Why did we need to shop when there were BIG THINGS...