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Life is hard. It’s supposed to be.

As I have shared my observations with friends and colleagues about these last few months, their experiences mirror my own, and I hear the same words over and over and over… Life is hard. It’s just so much. Why is it SO HARD?

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When we feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of us, stuck in a job we don’t quite love, or feel out-of-sync with our partners, it’s easy to feel as though we’re somehow deficient, that we alone are being kept out of the “having it all” club. It’s important to remember that everyone is living within the constraints of their choices.

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Putting Work Back in the Box: Work-Life Balance After the Project Ends

This week I am wrapping up a huge, all-consuming project that I started more than a year ago, but has totally and completely consumed my life for the last 3 months. And as I reflect on this significant professional accomplishment, I’m struck by the fact that I’ve essentially been living the life I know many entrepreneur and start-up professionals live every day. My truth is that I can’t wait for it to be over.

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You being you: Let it fly

As I approached my 40s, a number of brave men and women who had gone before me told me that this was the decade when you really get comfortable in your own skin, when you stop wasting effort on being something you aren’t. Whereas I once was willing to change or morph myself into something that I wasn’t to suit the situation or environment I was in, I now only want to be in situations in which I can fully, truly be myself.